Pearls of Causality: The Causal Dictionary

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No one told me that I need a dictionary for learning causal inference. Indeed, there was none before. Now there is.

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The Causal Dictionary

DAG-distribution correspondence- Markov compatibility
- I-map
PoC #2
Qualitative child-node relationships- Structural Equation Model (SEM)
- Structural Causal Model (SCM)
- Functional Causal Model (FCM)
- Causal Model
PoC #4
Causal source (determined by the environment)- Exogenous variable
- Noise/Disturbance/Error variable
- Independent variable
- Causal variable
PoC #4
Causal observation (determined by the model)- Endogenous variable
- Dependent variable
- Observed variable
PoC #4
Graph induced by structural equations- Causal structure
- Causal diagram
PoC #4
Relation of independencies between the $G$ and $P$ belonging to a causal model- Stability
- Faithfulness
- DAG-isomorphism
- Perfect-mapness
PoC #7
Unobserved common cause- Confounder
- Unobserved common cause
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