Probabilistic Graphical Models 1 flashcards

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To make learning probabilistic graphical models frictionless and more fun.

Probabilistic Graphical Models 1 flashcards

Recently I started to study Daphne Koller’s Probabilistic Graphical Models Specialization on Coursera.

As I have finished the lectures in the first course, I am releasing a deck of flashcards. This decks has been born because I needed something to practice the concept easily - I have never used flashcards before, but now I could not imagine learning about a complex topic without flashcards.

The link for the cards can be found on After downloading the deck, you can import them into the free Anki software. You can also access the deck in my earlier resources post.

Happy learning and stay tuned for other decks to come!

P.S.: if you find any error, please contact me.