A post series on Pearl: Causality

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A causality blog cannot exist without discussing Judea Pearl’s Causality book. Thus, I am paying my debt.

A post series on Pearl’s Causality

Causality can be hard - I don’t just mean doing causal inference, which can be sometimes impossible, but learning about the topic as well. Not to mention the fact that the toolbox of causal inference is totally new to the most of people-being never taught formally about it, you can count me in.

Fortunately, there are very good resources to learn the topic. In the upcoming months, I will tackle the main topics from Pearl’s book.

Why should I bother?

you may ask. Well, for me it is helpful to explain concepts and to dig a bit deeper regarding intuitions. Especially, as this book is rather rigorous and contains lot of discussions, I wanted to focus on the core concepts to make it easier to digest.

Originally, I did this for myself, but I figured this can help others as well. Stay tuned, causality is coming!